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A brief introduction to Adak Corporation

Having the goal of producing and implementing web-based comprehensive information systems, Adak has been established with a panel of young & qualified experts.
Adak has successfully accomplished significant projects by using new standards & methods of designing & producing software as well as the artificial intelligence algorithms.
Deriving great satisfaction from our costumers is along the main axis of our progression Our firm is committed to provide excellent customer satisfaction with continuous improvement in service and products.
So with token of respect for costumers and also rival companies, professional ethics, keeping abreast of the latest technology with an accelerated action in line with the market needs are part of our goals.
Activity grounds
Presenting specialized solutions in web-based strategies, portal designing and developing, website designing, online conference management system, news website of the conferences and seminars, Online Journal Management System , website optimization, increasing website traffic, E-government, IT consultation, artificial intelligence, e-commerce.
Introducing the Adak products
  • Adak CMS (Content Management System)
    Some facilities of this product:
    User Friendly Interface / News management, Bulletin boards and Announcements / Multilingual support / Capability to add custom modules / Accessible by the Internet and internal networks
  • Adak Conference (Online Conference Management System)
    Some facilities of this product:
    Multilingual support / Online Review System / Paper Submission and Tracking / Conference previous periods archive / Registration and Accommodation Management / Payment Management (Online and Offline)
  • Adak Journal (Online Journal Management System)
    Some facilities of this product:
    Journals previous Volume Archive / Paper Submission and Tracking / Editorial board members management / Dynamic Review Forms Design / Referee management / Online Subscription / Multilingual support / Search Engine for papers / Online Review System
Methods and Technologies used:
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
  • ASP.Net /C# 4.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005,2008
  • ASP.Net MVC
  • CSS2.0, CSS3.0,HTML 5.0
  • Agile Methodologies : Agile RUP, Scrum, XP
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Central office: Unit 6, Zanjan Science and Technology Park, Vahy street, Parvin Etesami street, Parvin Etesami square, Zanjan, Iran.
Phone: +98 2433745686
Fax: +98 2433745686
Email: Info [at] Adak-co.ir

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